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There are millions of download-worthy treasures (and some stinkers) out there on the web. In fact, there are so many options that no one person can try them all out. Share your favorite downloads and widgets with me here, tell my why you like them and if I feel the same way, I'll feature them on geeksugar.

Download of the Day: Baby Smash

Posted By Tech on Jun 27, 2008 at 1:00PM

Got kids? Nieces? Nephews? I'm sure you can relate to my pain when I mention the words computer, kids, and curiosity. There's nothing more fulfilling than watching a toddler learn their way around a computer, but what if they are still in the smash and bash stages of early development? That's when you need Baby Smash! Baby Smash is totally free and will "baby proof" your computer/laptop when your kiddies fingers decide to play the piano on your keyboard. But what's great about it is the fact that colored shapes, letters, and numbers will appear on the screen instead of harming your computer!

This download locks out the Windows Key, as well as Ctrl-Esc and Alt-Tab so your baby can't get out of the application. And by pressing ALT-F4 you can exit the application and Shift-Ctrl-Alt-O will bring you up the options dialog. Neat, right?!

If You're Finding Firefox 3's Awesome Bar Not So Awesome. . .

Posted By Tech on Jun 25, 2008 at 7:30AM

I can't say enough good things about Firefox 3 — it's extremely fast, has an intuitive interface and uses much less memory than Firefox 2 (hence, fewer Firefox crashes). But, you knew it was coming, I cannot adjust to the "Smart Location Bar," or as others have been calling it, the "Awesome Bar." I don't want my location bar to suggest 12 bookmarks and URLs that resemble what I've previously visited when I type in a search — auto search is definitely not for me.

If you are feeling the same way as me, get your Firefox 3 location bar to look like Firefox 2 with a download called oldbar. Now when I type in geeksugar, it will take me to geeksugar.com and show me other geeksugar sites I've visited - the good old way - and not to some random other site!

Do you have a cool download like this one to share with geeksugar readers? To learn how to post your favorite sites to the Download of the Day group, read more

Cool Download: Shareaholic for FireFox

Posted By Tech on Jun 20, 2008 at 9:00AM

You know me, I love to share tips, tricks, downloads, and news all day long, every day of the week, 24/7. I'm sharing right now as I type! You might even consider it an obsession.

So knowing that I could make it easier on myself when I want to submit links to my bookmarking or sharing sites like Digg, Reddit, and Twitter by using Shareaholic — an award winning Firefox add-on that works like a hub for all my social networking and bookmarking services. It sends out my favorite links in one shot without me having to copy or paste a thing.

Once you download Shareaholic, a green button appears on your browser, letting you customize which sites you want to send links to. When you come to a webpage you think is worthy, just click the green share button, select your service (i.e., StumbleUpon) and your link is copied and sent to the site for you, ready to submit. How easy is that?


Download of the Day: FireNES

Posted By Tech on Jun 19, 2008 at 1:00PM

Have any fantasy downloads? Because I just found one for you: Play classic Nintendo games on your computer — with a mere Firefox extension! That's right, just download the FireNES add-on, click Tools, FireNES, and a giant list of NES games pops up.

The best is when you actually go to play them, and they look exactly as you remember! I geeked out over Paper Mario World last year, but this is the closest thing I've seen to the real thing while also being the easiest to get. Pick from several versions of Donkey Kong, Jeopardy, Bubble Bobble, and minimize when the boss comes by!

Cool Download: eBay Companion For Firefox

Posted By Tech on Jun 13, 2008 at 2:00PM

Although you might lose some of your Firefox extensions when you cross over to Firefox 3 – and trust me, you're gonna want the newest version since it's faster and more secure – you can still download the same sweet extensions that Firefox is known for.

I happen to have a few eBay bids out on some precious Polaroid film, and am watching others before I jump in. With the Firefox eBay companion, I can see the stats on my bids right on my browser — without having to stop what I'm doing to log in. What's cooler is when an item's auction is about to end and I get outbid, a pop-up box will tell me I better pump up my dollar amount before it's over!

Geek Tip: Get Sale Alerts for Your "Must Have" Items

Posted By Tech on Jun 10, 2008 at 9:02AM

Let's face it — gadget lust can get pretty expensive. Especially if you let yourself snatch up every hot and shiny new thing that comes along, adding to your already mountainous collection of electronics. Thankfully I've learned my lesson after years of spending far too much on gadgets than my girl Savvy would think is appropriate, but now I'm proud to be called a sale hound.

Unfortunately, shopping around can be time consuming. Who has time to frequently check multiple stores, hoping that the items you really want will come down in price? I know I don't, which is why SavvyCircle is my new BFF when it comes to helping me find a bargain. To see how it works, just read more

Cool Download: Pandora Desktop

Posted By Tech on Jun 9, 2008 at 2:30PM

I know there are a ton of you out there that are fans of Internet radio, especially Pandora. How awesome has it been to discover new artists, and listen to your all-time faves while you're at the office, surfing the web, or finishing up those term papers right from your computer. I've been a big fan of Pandora for a while now, and if it's possible, it just got better.

Now you can download your own desktop Pandora icon that lives on your Windows desktop, or your Mac's dock . . . removing that step of opening a web browser to listen to your streamed tunes. I know what you're thinking, "Big whoop, so I open another tab or window. I'm already online anyway." But the new desktop feature makes it that much easier to get down with one click, preventing you from accidentally closing your Pandora allocated window. Plus, it cuts down the amount of memory your browser uses while Pandora is running (which means faster surfing). All it takes is a quick Adobe Air download and you're off and running. Or at least shimmying in your office chair!

Download of the Day: Ninon Flowers Screensaver

Posted By Tech on Jun 8, 2008 at 1:15PM

I'm always in need of a new screensaver to add some fresh life to my desktop, so when I came across this Ninon Flowers screensaver, I knew it'd be perfect for brightening up my workspace.

Each image on the screensaver is taken from various locations around the US and includes flowers like the onion flower, cactus flower, rose, bell fruit flower, dragon fruit flower and many more. This screensaver download is for Macs only (sorry my PC pals) and is, what else. . . free.

Do you have a cool download like this one to share with geeksugar readers? To learn how to post your favorite sites to the Download of the Day group, read more

Download of the Day: MacTips Widget

Posted By Tech on Jun 6, 2008 at 1:00PM

I'll be honest — I can't say that I know all the shortcuts and tips available to make my time in front of the monitor more efficient. I know, I know, shocking. But since I'm a fan of perpetual learning, I searched around, hoping to satisfy my thirst for knowledge, and find a place that would hook me up with some Mac-savvy tips to ease my computing confusion. Let's face it — I ain't to proud to beg! So when I checked out MacTips, and found that they have a smart and simple widget to send me a tip every day of the week, I was overjoyed!

Although you have many choices when it comes to choosing your Mac's dashboard widgets, I highly recommend downloading the MacTips Widget from – where else – MacTips. To see why it's one of my new faves, read more

Cool Download: Digsby

Posted By Tech on Jun 3, 2008 at 8:01AM

I don't know about you, but sometimes I get lost when I'm forced to log in and tab through my multiple email accounts and instant messenger clients — all while trying to keep up on my Myspace and Facebook pages (not to mention Twitter that's a full time job in itself) throughout the day. What can I say, I'm addicted to staying connected!

So imagine my utter relief when I found Digsby — a life saving application that gathers up all those different accounts, and keeps them neatly in one convenient spot. No more expose-ing to find the right open window, browser tabbing, or multiple chat alerts to sift through. To find out why I heart Digsby right now, just read more