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There are millions of download-worthy treasures (and some stinkers) out there on the web. In fact, there are so many options that no one person can try them all out. Share your favorite downloads and widgets with me here, tell my why you like them and if I feel the same way, I'll feature them on geeksugar.

Download of the Day: WiFind

Posted By Tech on Jun 6, 2007 at 2:00PM

My boyfriend and I spent over an hour one day trying to find a Wi-Fi network in range on the roof of our apartment building. Little did I know there's a useful download from Apple called WiFind that shows you what wireless networks are locked or unlocked and their signal strength...all in your airport menu.

Featured on CrunchGear, this useful application will tell you a list of Wi-Fi signals in range. Surf the net from home, from work or from a corner coffee shop!

Do you have a favorite download you think geeksugar readers would like? Share your favorites in the Download of the Day group, read more

Download of the Day: Windows iTunes Hotkey

Posted By Tech on May 31, 2007 at 2:00PM

This one goes out to all you PC-loving geeksugar fans who routinely scold me for being Mac-centric. Yesterday Lifehacker featured this open-source app iTunes Hotkey controls iTunes with keyboard shortcuts that will aid every PC-music fan out there.

The Amazing Ant assigns key combinations to iTunes functions. Here's more:

Ctrl+Insert: Play
Ctrl+Home: Pause
Ctrl+Page Up: Previous song
Ctrl+Page Down: Next song
Ctrl+End: Stop
Ctrl+Up: Increase iTunes volume (not system volume)
Ctrl+Down: Decrease iTunes volume (not system volume)
Ctrl+Shift+Insert: Toggle shuffle mode
Ctrl+Shift+Home: Toggle repeat mode

iTunes Hotkey is a free download, however it requires the free .NET framework to run. Donwnload it off Lifehacker. It works for Windows XP and Windows Vista. Are you a Mac user and want to know more shortcuts that will work for your keyboard? read more

Download Of The Day: Weather Channel Mac Widget

Posted By Tech on May 24, 2007 at 3:00PM

It's officially dress season in San Francisco. The fog has lifted, the sun is out and everyone is gearing up for their long Memorial Day weekend. I'm crossing my fingers that this fair weather sticks and I can enjoy some prime vitamin D absorption this weekend.

Keeping me in the know about the weather? The Weather Channel Mac Widget, which provides all the weather information you need on your dashboard. It includes current weather conditions for your selected locations (this is great for travelers) and notifies you when severe weather alerts are in effect for your area. It also includes a regional radar map and 36-hour forecast.

Download for your Mac. For PC, PDA and mobile downloads, check out the Weather Channel's site

Play The 'Lost' TV Show Game On Your iPod

Posted By Tech on May 23, 2007 at 11:00AM

Are you one of the bazillion people obsessed with the show Lost? Apple has just posted the "Lost TV game" from Gamelot on the iTunes Store for (fifth generation) video iPods. In this action packed game, you control Jack through a series of missions spread out over 27 chapters. Jack interacts with other characters on the island and finds himself in places like the jungle, on the beach, inside the Hatch, and the Black Rock...searching for food and fending off attackers. Use the click wheel as a directional controller, with the center action button serving as a weapon and all-purpose interaction button. For more info, go to iLounge.The Lost iPod game costs $5 to purchase and download.

Download of the Day: Yahoo Widgets

Posted By Tech on May 18, 2007 at 3:31PM

If you're a diehard Yahoo fan consider their upgraded widgets. They bring updates and live info to you in a compact package and work for PCs and Macs. You can keep them arranged in a widget dock and new additions include a gallery widget, which allows you to browse the widget gallery without opening your web browser.

While Yahoo Widgets work for both Mac and PCs, they are especially great for PC users, who in my experience don't traditionally have as many widget options. The handy notepad widget is much like the igoogle stickies add-on, and the weather widget will keep you in the know all day. There is also a great selection of user-submitted widgets, a la the selections Apple shares. My personal favorite is their new flickr widget that lets you upload, tag and display your flickr photos.

Download Yahoo Widgets and test them out for yourself.

Download Of The Day - Bluetooth Texter

Posted By Tech on May 16, 2007 at 3:03PM

Are you ever sitting at your computer and suddenly realize you want to send someone a text message and then realize your cell phone is hidden in your purse in the other room? The Bluetooth Texter widget allows Mac users with Bluetooth set ups to connect to their Bluetooth phone and and send SMS messages.
All you have to do is activate your Dashboard, enter your message in the widget, select a phone number and hit send. The phone numbers in the widget’s drop-down list come straight from your Addressbook. The phone selection list contains your favorite paired Bluetooth phones. You can download it from Happymaking Games.

I found something comparable for PC users, read more

Download of the Day: Upcoming Birthdays

Posted By Tech on May 11, 2007 at 12:00PM

Somehow I can remember the names of every guy Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton have dated, but I cannot for the life of me remember some of my closest friends' birthdays. Luckily, I usually get the month right, but it's just too hard to remember everyone's special date. Only a small percentage of my friends are on myspace (which a lot of people use for birthday reminders) so I was pleased to learn about the Upcoming Birthdays widget, which checks your Address Book for people with an upcoming birthday or for people with a birthday that just happened. All you have to do is click on their name and start writing your own personal Happy Birthday email. It's like mixing your mom's little birthday book and your little black book and giving it to Bree Van De Kamp. Prepare to get organized - and get invited to more birthday parties.

Download the Upcoming Birthdays on your Mac for free. Are you a PC user? read more

Download Of The Day: TV Countdown

Posted By Tech on May 8, 2007 at 11:34AM

Now is probably the time for me to admit I have terrible TV taste. Think of the worst show ever, and I've probably watched it...and fallen in love with the horror of it all. While I'm a TiVo freak - mostly so I don't have to bother anyone else with my terrible taste - I know there are many of you who rely on good old fashioned "what's on tonight?" logic and daily "What To Tivo" reminders from BuzzSugar. In case those methods aren't enough (or if, like me, your taste is so bad no one else wants to tune in), there's always the TV Countdown, which let's you know exactly when the next episode of your favorite TV show is going to air.

Apparently, TV Countdown, which was designed for macs, will automatically adjust the countdown timer to Eastern Time so that no matter where you are - as soon as an episode goes to air, you’ll know about it. I see this as a great addition to TiVo, or regular real-time TV viewing. I mean, who knew Undressed was still in the MTV lineup. If you're a PC user and want a similar download, read more

Download of the Day: CharacterPal

Posted By Tech on May 7, 2007 at 10:00AM

I always hated my high school and college Spanish assignments for one simple reason: I can never remember which keys I've assigned special characters to. I think I've probably googled "ñ" and "í" 300 times each. If you're as absented minded as I am and you find yourself typing in languages other than English - or even in need of simple HTML combo help, you should download the CharacterPal widget for Mac.

The widget that helps you remember how to type any special character, for keyboard or HTML combos. You just place your mouse over a character, and the key combo appears at the bottom. Now you don’t have to remember what Option + Shift + K does, you can just look at your character chart. Writing an ode to piñatas? It's got the ñ's covered too.

Not a Mac user, read more

Download Of The Day: Cuppa (As In 'Cuppa Joe')

Posted By Tech on Apr 12, 2007 at 4:18AM

Cuppa is a small application for Mac OS X to time your cup of tea as it steeps - it might sound unnecessary to some, but I think it's the sweetest thing ever.

You use it from the Dock: just right-click or control-click on Cuppa's icon and select the beverage you are brewing. Or select a beverage from the Beverages menu (yes, you can do coffee if you're a joe person). Cuppa will begin timing the brew, and you'll see a teabag appear in the cup and gradually darken as the tea steeps. When the tea is done Cuppa will attempt to get your attention by various configurable means. You can also enable a countdown timer that's displayed in the dock icon.

Download here. Runs on OS X 10.3-10.4 (PowerPC or Intel).